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Hornbach is the reference in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Hornbach offers a wide range of fences as well as a sound wall from Sonomuro under the brand name ReduSound. The ReduSound is also available online at the Hornbach Germany website.


The recent renovation of several Aldi supermarkets worried many neighbors, because with the larger branches come more extensive parking facilities. Aldi, in their pursuit of good neighborliness, has chosen in many places to proactively erect a sound wall between their neighbors’ parking lot and gardens. Our natural-looking SonoWall is the perfect product for that: an […]

Daniel Moquet Clôtures

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A very well-known chain in France that, in addition to driveways, is now a specialist in installing your fences with “Daniel Moquet signe vos Clôtures. Everywhere in France you will find an agency to which you can entrust your project. The DecoWall gravel fences are incorporated by them as deco elements in existing fences and […]


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With 350 points of sale in France, Gedimat has an extensive network of outlets where our customers can go for advice and a customized quote. A specialist in building materials and materials for outdoor decoration, they are a good reference in the French market. They are also strong in Corsica, making our noise barriers readily […]


Lidl supermarkets have been undergoing a major metamorphosis in recent years, where all stores are being expanded and revamped. This often includes a larger and modern parking lot. To spare the neighbors of the stores, which are often located in heavily populated areas, we installed a number of SonoWalls at all new Lidl supermarkets. The […]


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The Vinci Group, which carries out many infrastructure works, uses both our stone and gravel baskets in their projects, as well as our well-known sound walls. For example, we recently delivered a sound wall at a public parking lot to shield a playground from traffic noise.


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Thanks to the help of our partner ZaunFachmann, we can be close to our customers. This network of 60 outlets is at your service for expert advice on your sound problems and their installers can even realize your project from A to Z! Check out our ‘where to buy’ section to find your nearest retailer.

Point P

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Our efficient sound solutions are distributed in France by Point P (Saint Gobain batiment distribution), which is accessible to every French customer with its 1000 points of sale in France. Point P is happy to assist our French customers with expert advice and has stock on their logistics platforms to smoothly deliver our sound panels […]

Seed team

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Zaunteam is the reference on the market when it comes to closures! This partner, with their 128 branches in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, has a wide network of sales outlets that also offer installation to their customers. Their broad experience with fences is a great guarantee of a successful project for Sonomuro’s clients. Check out […]

Burger King

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Burger King’s drive-in has had a lot of success and guarantees a lot of queuing customers on Friday and Saturday nights, who in the summer don’t turn down their music while queuing. Burger King therefore chose to erect sound walls next to the drive-in to minimize noise pollution for the neighborhood. Our noise barriers have […]