How to address heat pump noise

Heat pumps are a popular choice today for homeowners looking for a more efficient and sustainable way to heat their home or pool. But a common problem with using heat pumps is the noise they produce. Especially in residential neighborhoods, this can cause irritation among neighbors.

Heat pump noise is caused by the compressor located in the heat pump’s outdoor unit. This compressor produces a sound that can range from a soft hum to a loud noise that is perceived as annoying. If the heat pump makes a lot of noise at night or at quiet times, this can lead to complaints from nearby residents.

Fortunately, a solution is available to reduce heat pump noise – the Sonokit. The Sonokit is a sound-absorbing enclosure designed specifically to reduce noise from heat pumps. The Sonokit is available in different sizes and can be customized to the specific size and shape of your heat pump.

Using high-quality sound-absorbing materials and a specially designed construction, the Sonokit can reduce the noise of your heat pump by up to 10-20 dB. This can make a big difference in reducing noise pollution and improving living comfort for you and your neighbors.

The Sonokit is also easy to install and requires no special tools or knowledge. You can easily install the Sonokit yourself or have it installed by our professionals.

If you are looking for a solution to your heat pump noise, the Sonokit is an excellent choice. It can help reduce noise, contributing to a quieter and more comfortable environment for you and your neighbors.

In summary, heat pumps are an excellent choice to heat your home in a sustainable and efficient way, but the noise they produce can be a problem. The Sonokit offers a solution to solve this problem and contribute to a comfortable environment for you and your neighbors. By installing the Sonokit, you can reduce the noise of your heat pump and enjoy a quieter and more comfortable living environment.

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