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“Camping les Vernières is located in La Bourboule F63. The campground offers a large number of sites for RVs and tents and the possibility of staying in a comfortable bungalow.

Vacationers staying in bungalows or on pitches close to the busy road regularly complained about the noise from the road,” said Chalanché, director of the campground.

“Before we installed the SonoWall, we had a much more persistent and loud noise,” he concludes. “In 2023 they are going to extend the SonoWall by an additional 110 meters!”

Mr. Chalanché – General Manager Flower Camping les Vernières

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The camping and hotel industry is booming, this means an increasing demand for space with the goal of accommodating more visitors. Campground and hotel owners must, of necessity, move out more often to places more exposed to noise pollution to accommodate their guests. In addition, activities in the campground such as the bar, petanque court or child care are often a source of noise that must be shielded from other bugalows or places in the campground. Same for pool pumps, large air conditioning units and waste containers.

At the same time, we are seeing a trend in which vacationers are more sensitive to noise pollution and increasingly demanding peace and quiet in their vacation accommodation.

Sonomuro offers solutions to contain traffic noise, machine noise and hospitality noise and has solid experience at many campsites in France, the camping country par excellence.

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