SonoMuro for Carwash

The car wash is reasonably close to an adjacent subdivision. After some complaints from the neighborhood, we decided to find a solution. After some online research, we ended up at Sonomuro. After a thorough analysis, they provided a solution.

To minimize the inconvenience, we installed a 3-meter-high SonoWall next to the car wash. This one had a good effect and doesn’t look industrial, so neighbors didn’t have to look on a metal or concrete structure. The neighborhood was so pleased that we received a thank you from the neighborhood committee

Carwash Total, Givet
SonoWall oplossing voor geluidsoverlast dubbelzijdig absorberend 1

Are you causing noise pollution by operating your professional carwash?

As an operator or owner of a carwash, you are also subject to neighborhood noise laws. To avoid or resolve conflicts with local residents, you can install a sound wall for muffling noise from the car wash and from the vacuuming area where in addition to vacuuming noise customers turn the music loud while vacuuming their car!

Sonomuro offers a complete range of products, allowing us to always offer the most pertinent and efficient solution. Our professional team is at your service, even in the most complex custom projects.

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