SonoMuro for Dog Barking

”I was always bothered by the barking of my neighbor’s dog when I was eating in my yard. I discussed this with my neighbor and we decided to install a Sonowall double side absorb.

What a change! The sound of barking has been greatly reduced and I can now enjoy my meals in my garden undisturbed. I’m so glad we chose the Sonowall. Thank you Sonomuro for this solution!”

Sjoerd van Haaren, Hapert, Netherlands

Besides noisy neighbors and children playing on the trampoline, dog barking is a major annoyance to many people. To combat nuisance from barking dogs, a sound wall can bring much-needed peace by nicely muffling barking between neighbors on their patios or in their yards. Sound-absorbing panels work well here and will bring comfort by bringing the noise level down.

Our SonoWalls are available in a variety of configurations and heights. Depending on the situation between neighbors, the size of the gardens and the environment, we can make the best recommendation to draw out the proper configuration of your sound wall.

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