SonoMuro for Heat Pump Noise

“Since I installed my pool heat pump, I had problems with the noise it caused in my yard. I could no longer work from my garden as I used to, and this significantly affected my work productivity.

When I heard about the Sonokit enclosure, I decided to try it and what a difference! I cannot believe how effective this enclosure is in absorbing the noise from my heat pump. I can again work quietly and efficiently from my garden and I am really happy with this investment.

I would recommend the Sonokit to anyone dealing with noise pollution from a heat pump.”

Wilhelm Metzler Hamburg, Germany
Geluidshinder buren oplossing Sonokit

With the ecological and energy transition, heat pumps are becoming the solution of choice for customers who want to heat their homes or swimming pools! Unfortunately, often not enough thought is given to whether the chosen installation site might not cause noise pollution.

The heat pumps are placed along the side wall and usually do not disturb the residents, but the neighbors do. They have a garden or terrace and suddenly experience buzzing and growling from the pump just a few meters from their plot boundary. Even though these devices get better with time and technological evolution, the constant low-frequency noise can disturb neighbors immoderately. Take to that the rattle of the fan on cheaper models and a neighborly conflict almost certainly ensues.

As a solution to this, Sonomuro offers both a SonoKit heat pump enclosure for free-standing pumps or SonoWall absorbing sound panels for wall-mounted pumps.

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