SonoMuro for Neighborhood Noise

“As neighbors, we faced unexpected noise pollution when our neighbors had a playground equipment installed. Day in and day out we heard the sound of the children playing in loud and our enjoyment of the garden suffered.

But then we discovered the Sonowall Absorb sound wall. We decided to try the product and the results were amazing. The sound was nicely muffled and we had peace in our garden again. I am really impressed with the product and recommend it to anyone dealing with noise pollution. The Sonowall has made our lives more pleasant again.”

Andy Lathouwers, Geel, Belgium
Verkeerslawaai tegenhouden

Neighborhood noise is an ever-increasing source of annoyance to people. We all lead busy lives and when the moments come to enjoy some peace and quiet, noisy neighbors are the last thing you need!

Since the Covid pandemic, we have noticed that more and more people are facing neighborly noise in the form of exuberant partying neighbors, Sunday mechanics, young children squealing from excitement at the pool and then jumping on the trampoline… With a sound wall, we can drastically curb noise transmission between neighbors and thus restore the peace and quiet you deserve!

Our SonoWall sound absorbing panels dampen sound and the additional absorption provides more acoustic comfort, especially in smaller gardens where this reduces reverberation time.

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