SonoMuro for Retail

“The renewal of many supermarkets makes neighbors anxious, due to the larger branches as well as accompanying parking facilities.

Chains like Aldi and Super U, in their pursuit of good neighborliness, have chosen in many places to proactively erect a sound wall between their neighbors’ parking lots and gardens.”

Contractor Pieter B.
Geluidsoverlast oplossing van Sonomuro voor Super U

Supermarket chains have been undergoing a metamorphosis in recent years, where all stores are being expanded and revamped. This often includes a larger and modern parking lot. To spare the neighbors of the stores, which are often located in heavily populated areas, we were able to install a number of SonoWalls at these new stores. The wooden aspect of our sound wall is elegant and resembles a garden fence, which is much more pleasing to neighbors than a metal or concrete sound wall suddenly standing in their yard.

As an extension of this, we were also allowed to install SonoWalls at gas stations and also at drive-in’s of fast-food restaurants where on Friday and Saturday evenings many customers with loud music and engine noise disturb the neighbors.

Our natural-looking SonoWall are the perfect product for that: an efficient but also aesthetic and budget-friendly sound wall!

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