SonoMuro for Traffic Noise

”I have always enjoyed my garden as an oasis of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the neighborhood’s cut-through traffic increasingly disturbed my peace. I was looking for a solution and then came across the Sonowall.

I was surprised by how quickly and easily the Sonowall could be installed and was even more surprised by the results! I no longer have to worry about noise pollution from the creeping traffic and can once again enjoy the peace and quiet of my garden.

I am really happy with my purchase and would recommend the Sonowall to anyone looking for a simple and effective solution to noise pollution.”

Aurélie Lapierre Nantes, France
Verkeerslawaai tegenhouden

Traffic noise is one of the most common noise problems that a lot of people face. The street that used to be quiet has now become a shortcut adjacent to your yard, and smaller subdivisions are built close to increasingly busy roads. Virtually everyone is affected by traffic noise. If this noise comes from a street or road adjacent or close to the garden or patio, a sound wall can provide relief. For the highway 500m away, a noise wall that is not on the road itself is not going to work, but if the noise is between 0-50m away from your property boundary a noise barrier will work well!

Our SonoWall sound walls are the solution here to create tranquility in your garden! Discover our solutions or consult our specialists for expert advice.

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